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StageOne values the privacy rights of its Investors, users,  suppliers, vendors and others. As required by the GDPR, DPL and CCPA (collectively “Data Protection Law”). Users are permitted to make certain requests regarding our processing of personal data, in accordance with the
applicable Data Protection Law. In order to submit a data subject request pursuant to the applicable Data Protection Law, please complete this form and send it to: Upon receipt of your completed request, we will process it and respond within the timelines required under applicable Data Protection Law. If additional information is necessary, we will contact you using the contact information you provided in this form. Information provided in connection with this request will be processed only for the purpose of processing and responding to your request and will be deleted immediately thereafter.

Verification of Identity

In order to keep the privacy of individuals safe we need to make sure you are indeed who you say you are, for this reason we need to verify your identity.

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