Who We Are

Backing founders that hold the power To disrupt global markets

StageOne grows seed-stage startups and helps them reach their potential and make a profound impact on the worldwide enterprise market. We partner with visionary innovators building brilliant businesses based on cutting-edge technologies to solve critical enterprise challenges while mitigating risk and maximizing returns for our investors.

What We do And have been doing
for over 20 years

We Scout

We invest our knowledge and expertise in the B2B landscape to identify and recruit the most promising teams to tackle diverse enterprise needs.

We Write the First Check

We invest as early as the first money in, with a check size ranging from $0.5M to $3M. We put aside major resources for follow-up investments post initial investment.

We Help Build & Scale

Our meaningful mentorship enables portfolio companies to benefit from our vast proven experience, extensive multinational corporate experience, robust global networks, and the best support systems - all at scale.

We Connect

We fuel seed-stage start-ups from the start by introducing them to the market, connecting them with industry leaders and technical experts, helping them hone their skills with impactful insights.

We Guide

We provide honest and precise guidance that enables you to successfully and seamlessly achieve your goals so you can make the right choices, and avoid novice mistakes.

We are committed to
our core values

We know that for founders to build great companies, it takes more than just funding
There is a critical need for the perfect mix of teamwork, market, and product.
Once your mix is ‘ready,’ everything else will follow.


Investing in Teams

As seed investors, we support our founders with a ‘people first’ approach. We look for hungry, responsible, resilient, trustworthy, and skilled entrepreneurs.


Investing in Market Disruptions

We back visionary founders who hold the power to disrupt new, global B2B markets or redefine existing ones, with the potential for a profound impact on people worldwide.


Investing in the Product

We invest in cutting-edge deep technology with high impact probability, developed by companies that prioritize innovation in products over business models.


Founder and Managing Partner

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Yuval has a track record of two decades in leading the operations of early stage VCs. Before founding StageOne, he co-founded and managed two corporate VCs as part of IDB (Israel’s largest conglomerate) estimated at $150 Million in investment portfolio and was personally involved in early stage IT investing totaling over $1 billion in exit value.