From vision
to reality

Backing visionary founders that hold the power to disrupt global B2B markets

StageOne grows seed-stage deep tech startups that have the potential for profound impact on people worldwide. With a strong operational presence on both sides of the Atlantic, we side early on with visionary innovators to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity together, building brilliant businesses from seed to lead.

From Past to Future


For two decades and through three funds so far, we have partnered with inspiring early stage Israeli founders based anywhere in the world. Our proven investor performance is amplified by our extensive multi-national corporate experience and robust global networks, positioning us to provide meaningful mentorship that transforms nascent businesses. We intercept the best support systems that take our portfolio companies forward, far into the future.

With managing partners on both sides of the Atlantic, our dual DNA actively bridges Tel Aviv with Silicon Valley, and we empower seed-stage companies to take the leap from vision to reality.

From innovation
to market


The StageOne accumulated knowledge and experience spans across multiple dimensions of the B2B landscape. We are seasoned investors who evolved from entrepreneurs, multinational executives, researchers, and innovators, all living and breathing cutting edge global B2B.

We are not afraid of technology risk. On the contrary, we believe that fundamental technological innovations can significantly differentiate startups from companies that prioritize business model innovation. This drives us to be bold in embracing trailblazing innovation that can catalyze change worldwide.

By opening up the market access that young companies need, connecting them with technical expertise and honing their business skills with impactful insights, we help fuel seed-stage startups from the very beginning, so they can push forward from here to the next frontier.

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