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We build ecosystems and communities that meet founders’ needs, from inception through decision-making and to successful exits

A Strong Founders-based community

A Strong Customer-based community

A Strong Investor-based community

A Strong Experts-based community

So what Makes StageOne Different?
Ask Our Founders!

We always say to a new entrepreneur, ask yourself, not only if you are ready for funding but if the venture capital fund you choose is the perfect partner for you. It may be clichéd to say we go “beyond capital” and do more than just help optimize valuable or deal terms, but the truth is that we truly partner with you to build your company, a craft that requires patience, skill, and collaboration to take you from vision to reality.

Fundraising Follow on Rounds

Building your teams

Marketing & Branding

Corporate Connections & Customers

Experience, Expertise & Excellence
This is our Edge.

As we celebrate our 20-year anniversary, the broad scope of support that StageOne offers continues to be built into our practical investment approach, in assisting founders to navigate the investment process, time and again.

Our Practical Investment Approach

StageOne’s investment approach goes beyond funding and includes tremendous support that enables early-stage innovators to successfully strategize, evolve, scale, and raise funds. 

Our B2B Edge

Our team members and close advisors’ experience crosses many junctions within the Israeli B2B landscape, enabling keen mentorship throughout inception, development, productization, go-to-market, leadership, and exit stages. 


Global Presence

We help seed-stage founders scale internationally and enter the global markets by leveraging our accumulated multinational experience and network presence in Israel and around the globe.

Broad Network

Our robust network ecosystem, bolstered by our advisory team and our serially successful venture partners, serve and support our portfolio startups by uniquely integrating an entrepreneurial mindset with strong investor performance. 

Broad Network

Female Founders Office Hours Program

Are you a female entrepreneur with a drive to build an amazing company, take risks, push boundaries, solve global business questions, and build a company to become a category leader? StageOne has set up a bi-weekly program to meet you in a one-on-one meeting with our managing partners and a female team member, to connect, hear your company pitch, provide concrete advice, consult, and network.


Founder and Managing Partner

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Yuval has a track record of two decades in leading the operations of early stage VCs. Before founding StageOne, he co-founded and managed two corporate VCs as part of IDB (Israel’s largest conglomerate) estimated at $150 Million in investment portfolio and was personally involved in early stage IT investing totaling over $1 billion in exit value.