From opportunity
to business

Dual presence and insightful support system that assist startups on their journey

From early inception and all the way to decision junctures at scale and exit, we continuously serve our portfolio startups with a unique mix of entrepreneurial mindset, corporate savvy, and strong investor performance. Our robust network ecosystem, ֿbolstered by our advisory team and our serially successful venture partners, provides full-gamut support on the Israel-Silicon Valley axis.

Why work with us?

From Support to Success

Big risks and complex challenges can be mitigated with dedicated mentorship. The experience of our team members and close advisors spans many junctures that founders face across inception, development, productization, go-to-market, leadership, and exit dynamics. Company building is a craft that requires patience and skill, inspiring us to carter to our portfolio companies far beyond funding, on the full path from vision to reality.

From Local to Global

“Crossing the ocean” is a top barrier for Israeli startups that we help hurdle, for targeting potential markets overseas. This challenge is multifaceted, including physical, conceptual, mental, and cultural gaps that StageOne is expert at bridging. We help seed-stage founders clear the chasm by by leveraging our accumulated multinational experience, and long-standing dual presence in both Israel and the U.S.

From Disruptive to Trailblazing Presence

The broad scope of support that StageOne offers is built into our practical investment approach, assisting early-stage innovators to strategize, evolve, scale, and raise follow-on rounds successfully. We catalyze so that you lead!