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At StageOne Ventures, we Lead investments in exceptional Israel-Related entrepreneurs. We focus on Early-Stage transformative Deep Tech Startups solving complex Enterprise Challenges.

Take a seat at the StageOne table and take advantage of our proven 20 years track record of experience working with tens of companies to benefit your future rounds of investment.

About Us

Our Early Stage Passion

Across three funds we have backed visionary founders that hold the power to disrupt global markets. Seed investing is our playing field and we provide the infrastructure that is critical for founders to make the right decisions from the get-go, to validate their technologies, and to scale their businesses globally.

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We Are Seasoned Investors

Across three funds we have built long-lasting successful investor-founder relationships, based on mutual respect, communication, and trust. We are experienced investors who have evolved from entrepreneurs, executives, researchers, and innovators, with global networks spanning multiple dimensions of the enterprise landscape.

Our Edge

Betting Early on Ground-Breaking Technologies

Across three funds, we have had a deep passion for technology. We believe that startups overcoming meaningful technological barriers can lead to change and impact global economies. We bet strongly on embracing trailblazing innovation, putting first money in companies at the inception stage, and taking calculated risks on technology trends that reap rewards.

Our Portfolio

The People Behind the Success

Across three funds, we invest in top teams, composed of experts in their markets who are eager to win.



Apolicy.IO provides a Kubernetes policy orchestration solution that enables automatic, continuous, and seamless security across multi-cloud environments, on-premise and in managed cloud environments.



Apprente developed intelligent speech-based conversational agents for customer-facing enterprise-level applications, based on neuroscience-inspired AI technology. Acquired by McDonald’s.



Avanan provides a cloud email security platform that pioneered and patented a new approach to prevent sophisticated attacks associated with the cloud. Acquired by Check Point Software Technologies.




Axonize platform is purpose-built for service providers and system integrators. With an easy, seamless integration without the need for support and costly backend development.



Base is an Enterprise Software startup working on a knowledge orchestration platform for different position holders of key roles in organizations (product, developers, etc.)


BeamUP is a next generation operating system for enterprise buildings. The platform leverages AI to automate the engineering and operations of building systems in order to drive operational efficiency, ensure compliance and promote sustainability.


Canditech is the first online job simulation platform. We allow companies to evaluate candidates for any position, and dramatically reduce chances of a bad hire, by creating tailor-made job simulation tests, which are the best predictor for job suitability.


Capitalise is a natural language processing technology company that enables an automated and scalable investment process by bridging between the simplicity of words and the complex world of automated & algorithmic trading.


Common Ground

Common Ground is a stealth mode startup, providing real-time software solutions for an unprecedented level of human interaction over digital, by fusing together cutting-edge technologies: computer vision, deep learning, and innovative real-time 3D compression.


Coralogix has developed a log analytics platform that automatically creates component level insights from log data and empowers DevOps teams to autonomously manage and analyze log data in cloud applications.




Crescendo is an award-winning custom software development company that develops hardware solutions to help organizations address application delivery challenges. Acquired by F5 (NASDAQ: FFIV).





cVidya Networks is a leading supplier of revenue analytics solutions for communications and digital service providers. Their big data technology platform and analytical applications enable operators to optimize profits and enhance decision making. Acquired by Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX).



DAGsHub is like GitHub for Machine Learning. It provides a platform for collaboration and management for the Data Science industry to contribute and make the research and development process transparent, inclusive, and better for everyone.


DoControl introduces a modern security layer enforcing advanced security features on multiple SaaS, regardless of each app underlying capabilities.



Epsagon is a cloud-native monitoring company that specializes in automated monitoring and troubleshooting solutions for microservices cloud applications. Acquired by Cisco.


Frontitude transforms the way product teams create and manage product copy (aka UI strings), and helps them to craft a consistent product language that increases user engagement.



Guardium is a real-time enterprise database monitoring and protection company that automates regulatory compliance tasks to help clients safeguard data, monitor database activity, and reduce operational costs. Acquired by IBM (NYSE: IBM).


Kovrr developed a predictive cyber risk modeling platform that delivers global, transparent, real-time data-driven insights to (re)insurers for affirmative and non-affirmative single, accumulated, and catastrophic cyber risk exposures.

Minerva Labs

Minerva created an anti-evasion platform that automatically blocks attacks designed to evade existing security defenses. Minerva creates a virtual reality on the endpoint that causes malware to disarm itself.

Model 9

Model9 modernizes mainframe data management. Its patented software-only technology securely delivers mainframe data to any cloud, private or public, eliminating physical and virtual tape alike, and enabling secure integration with advanced analytics tools.


NeuroBlade developed an AI chipset for both Edge and Server platforms. NeuroBlade’s chip delivers high performance at low-cost, low-power, and minimal footprint due to a unique Hardware architecture and software platform.



Octalica is a semiconductor company that provides the digital home entertainment market with an integrated system-on-a-chip that enables high-speed digital networks to exist over the existing coaxial infrastructure. Acquired by Broadcom.


Otonomo (NASADQ: OTMO)

Otonomo (NASADQ: OTMO) has created an automotive data services platform that enables a wide spectrum of services that leverage data collected within the car to vendors in the Connected Car ecosystem.



Oversi Networks is a leading global provider of OTT rich-media caching and content delivery solutions that help service providers relieve the heavy network congestion associated with P2P and Internet video traffic. Acquired by Allot Communications


Qwak is a management platform for Machine Learning models in production. The platform allows all relevant stakeholders to map, manage, analyze, and observe their live ML models regardless of how they were developed, deployed, or hosted.

RGo Robotics

RGo Robotics is pioneering an artificial perception technology that enables mobile robots to understand complex surroundings and operate autonomously just like humans



SafeDK is the first end-to-end SDKs management company to develop a platform that enables better and safer mobile app building through analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing 3rd party SDKs in their apps. Acquired by AppLovin.


SecondNature created an AI platform that allows B2B salespeople to practice and perfect their sales meeting practices.


Sedric is an AI risk & compliance excellence platform designed for the new generation of fintech. Sedric extracts deep NLU and contextual signals to ensure compliance, increase brand equity and enhance long-term growth. Due to the significant increase in regulatory scrutiny and the ongoing rapid regulatory change, Sedric established the largest collaborative compliance network enabling fintech players to move at their optimal pace.


Silverfort’s authentication platform for enterprises is capable of enforcing adaptive authentication (AI-based) across the entire corporate network & cloud, without changing endpoints or servers.


Staircase is developing the next generation technology for B2B Customer Success and Service teams. Staircase’s mission is to empower Customer Success teams with AI and advanced analytics to monitor, develop & scale better human relationships, driving retention and growth.

Swish.ai (formerly DeepCoding)

Swish.ai  is the first hyperautomation platform that works with any existing ITSM tool to uncover and act on insights in real-time, accelerating ticket resolution time and reducing costs.


Sysdig, are driving the secure DevOps movement, empowering organizations to confidently secure containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud.


Tenyx  is building intelligent voice-based customer service agents,  delivering platforms that allow customers across multiple industries to deploy automated solutions that will dramatically reduce operating expenses.


Theator AI digital health platform leverages computer vision and AI to tackle variability and disparity in surgical care.



Traffix is a software development company that improves fourth-generation cellular network traffic and addresses the market’s growing data load due to the use of smartphones and tablets. Acquired by F5 (NASDAQ: FFIV).



Trivnet is the company behind an e-commerce platform that provides mobile networks and service providers with technology that enables them to create MFS systems. Acquired by Gemalto.


UrbanLeap offers a SaaS platform that enables local governments to discover, evaluate, transact, and monitor innovation projects and initiatives.



Varada uses interactive apps to run fast on cloud data lakes regardless of their data’s scale and complexity. Varada’s product offers a new paradigm in data warehouses with a focus on big data analytics and enables data applications to run fast at scale. Acquired by Starburst.


vHive offers autonomous drone inspection software that enables enterprises to deploy autonomous drone hives to acquire, manage, and process field data.

Our Community

Building Ecosystems That Meet Founders’ Needs

Across three funds, we serve our portfolio start-ups with a unique mix of investors, experts, advisors, and peer founders in Israel and around the globe that bring an array of real-life experience and provide our companies with a full support system.



NeuroBlade Wins Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Business Application Award at Flash Memory Summit 2022



DoControl Integrates with Box to Transform SaaS Data Access Security



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Founder and Managing Partner

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Yuval has a track record of two decades in leading the operations of early stage VCs. Before founding StageOne, he co-founded and managed two corporate VCs as part of IDB (Israel’s largest conglomerate) estimated at $150 Million in investment portfolio and was personally involved in early stage IT investing totaling over $1 billion in exit value.