Investing in Entro Security to Safeguard the Digital World

written by

Nofar Schnider, Principal at StageOne Ventures

In an era where cybersecurity threats loom large, protecting sensitive data and digital infrastructure has become paramount. As technology evolves, so do the risks associated with it.

We all hear about companies that are being breached and the hazardous effects these breaches have. Massive amounts of sensitive information (IDs, credit cards, etc.) are exposed and often sold on the dark web often because a secret was exposed and used to access to penetrate the organization. Sometimes the damage is beyond repair as companies completely lose users’ trust.

Today, R&D teams are responsible for creating, managing, and storing secrets. What happens is that they usually scatter the secrets everywhere, in different secret stores and vaults, inside and outside the organization’s perimeter. Secrets can be found in CI/CD systems, Git repositories, Kubernetes secrets, Vaults, etc. It is estimated that there are about 500 secrets per mid-sized organization. Organizations today use more than one vault for secret storage, which makes secret management more complex.

These breaches could have been prevented if R&D teams could find a way to gain back control over their secrets, and this is where Entro Security comes to the rescue.

Entro Security is the first holistic secrets security platform that detects, safeguards and enriches with context your secrets across code, vaults, chats, and platforms.

When we met Itzik and Adam a while back, we immediately recognized their passion and drive to solve this problem. They experienced this pain firsthand, spending over a decade of experience as managers of security solutions, Itzik at Microsoft and Maccabi Healthcare Services and Adam at Broadcom, Symantec and Javelin Networks. They see the bigger picture but also know how teams work and what they should focus on.

We’re excited to welcome Entro Security to the StageOne Ventures family and looking forward to supporting them as they grow.

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