Unlocking Endless Possibilities: How to Make Generative AI Tools Your New Best Friend In Marketing

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 Yael Eckstein, VP Marketing at StageOne Ventures

Unlocking Endless Possibilities: How to Make Generative AI Tools Your New Best Friend In Marketing

As someone with experience in marketing for many years in both startups and VC, I learned first-hand that efficiency and quality are unbelievably important. In an early-stage startup you are a one-man show working on all facets of the marketing process. This involves many different channels and tasks, consisting of branding content, design, digital, product marketing, leads, social and many more…

Over the last few years many tools have been created that are revolutionizing the way that marketers approach their work and the rate that they can complete it. Maybe today being a marketing persona is easier in a way, or maybe not…but the truth is, that since anything AI has now become part of our day-to-day Generative AI tools have come in very handy, and if you know how to best use them you can only benefit.

I was at a conference last week, and I had the honor of hearing Ady Mor-Biran who is the Director at the Microsoft Garage and also an expert in Generative AI for Innovation. She talked about the following:

She explained that Marketing has many stages and channels If we look at a simplified marketing value chain, we have 5 stages:

1. Market research

2. Development

3. Branding

4. Promotion

5. Sales & services

In my article below I want to discuss tools for 2 of these stages, Branding & Promotion, and share a few that I tested and recommend. These tools allow marketers to automate many marketing tasks, saving time and resources while also improving results. In my opinion these tools can instantly enhance your next websitedemomarketing materialdeck, and more.

Ady also taught us that before you begin using any generative AI tools, you need to know a very basic rule called: prompts to results.

Whether you use ChatGPT3.5 or ChatGPT4 (which by the way has a lot of plugins for accuracy), it’s all about knowing how to write the prompt, because in order to get the best results, you need to know how to ask.

She goes on by saying: “Think of ChatGPT as your new teammate, someone who you can brainstorm ideas with back and forth. You need to set the context, define the task, ask questions, keep rephrasing and regenerating for maximum precision. Generative AI tools are helping marketers’ achieve endless possibilities, you just need to know how to best use them!”

Now that we’ve covered prompts, let’s explore some tools that I’ve researched and recommend for early-stage startups.


Jasper is a powerful marketing copywrite tool trained on data specifically designed to boost engagement and created with the help of leading SEO and direct response marketing experts. All content is original and plagiarism-free, able to be easily translated, and written in one of 50+ tones — creating the necessary structure and messaging for whatever it is that your business would like to share with the world. Additionally, using the various templates of Jasper and its ability to generate images, Jasper.AI has the power to create imagery as well. Using the Jasper.AI chrome extension will dramatically reduce the time spent creating subjects for emails and a handful of other tedious tasks.


Anyword is a copy tool that generates marketing materials instantly. Whether you are looking to generate a new recipe, ad campaign, or powerful blog post, Anyword uses AI to score how compelling the resulting piece is. This tool can help when sifting through potential options for content to be released. Rather than testing different content, Anyword will save you valuable time making some of the toughest marketing decisions.


Rather than training your team to lead demos for potential customers or walkthroughs for new onboardees, Tango makes the process to create asynchronous simulations seamless and intuitive. With just a few clicks all the necessary information is integrated onto the correct platforms, uploaded into the relevant place, and ready for consumption by the appropriate audience. This product is also free for up to 25 members of the team and with the options to use additional paid features.


StockIMG is an image generator that can generate book cover, QR code, poster, wallpaper, and other images with only a short prompt. These unique images can be used in marketing material and distributed for commercial and non-commerical use. Serving as a one stop shop for all image generation, this tool can quickly replace time spent on Figma.


In less than 5 minutes, create a highly customizable mobile and desktop website using only a short AI prompt. This tool seamlessly incorporates the different sections of your company and naturally divides them to make your new website accessible and navigable. Also, 10web’s collection of templates will ensure that your company is able to select the theme that will best represent the messaging of your company.


Tome instantly generates slide decks with a prompt and dashboard capable of importing specific images. This tool will create the foundation for your next deck and will make certain that the messaging needed is present, clear, and concise. Tome is also able to reduce the number of words, rephrase a paragraph, improve grammar, and is highly adjustable. Let countless hours creating your next be a thing of the past and include as an essential new part of your company’s repertoire.

Microsoft Designer

Easily integratable with your Microsoft account, combine AI with your current inventory of company logos, images, and content in order to create highly refined posters and other marketing content. In minutes you can revitalize all your advertising with this helpful tool. Whether for your next company party or save the date for an important meeting, Designer will become your best friend in the process.

In conclusion, As AI technology continues to advance, the marketing landscape is evolving with the emergence of efficient tools. These seven AI-powered solutions lead the charge in reshaping content generation and marketing processes. By harnessing the power of AI, marketers can automate tasks, save time and resources, and achieve better results. Embrace these tools and witness a significant boost in your marketing campaigns and overall efficiency. The future of marketing is here, and it’s powered by AI.

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Unlocking Endless Possibilities: How to Make Generative AI Tools Your New Best Friend In Marketing
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